by Neil Delos Reyes, JVP B42

[Neil is a certified Public Accountant (CPA). In August 2021, he started volunteering as a High School Teacher, and at the same time, as academic coordinator at Loyola College of Culion in the island of Culion, Palawan.]

I felt a mix of worry and excitement, just like every time I step on new places and meet new people. But mostly, I felt hopeful that something life-changing would give birth to new stories to tell.

I see God in the slow pace of life here in Culion, reminding me to breathe and focus on the little and ordinary things life can offer. I see God in the ever-changing weather conditions; despite the harsh rain, the sky and sea still are able to keep their wonder.

After seeing the conditions of mostly everyone in the area, especially the IP scholars, all my problems felt superficial. Why worry about food cravings when some don’t have enough to eat? Why worry about choosing between opportunities when some don’t have opportunities to begin with? These further strengthened my resolve to continue this mission.