by Princess Jazz Bacis

The soulful recollection experienced by the Grade 12 graduating students last June 4, 2021, with the guidance of our teachers and facilitator from the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines, Bro. Blas Descallar, assisted by Ms. Love Dorero was truly a day to remember. The recollection guided us to reflect on our own lives and our relationship with others and to God. It made us contemplate our upbringings and struggles and motivates us in forgiving those who hurt us. We were animated to give more and expect less and in finding one’s place in the society armed with Christian values. The recollection invited us to discover what we value most in our lives, which in my case, I have realized that I valued freedom, personal space, and time management.

Among the various sharing, what hits me the most was about finding the place to fit in as I really struggled on this at the moment. I was immediately touched when we listened to the song ‘Out Here On My Own.’ I struggle in choosing the right people to be with, on what college degree to take and the career I want to have in the future. This has given me worries since I don’t want to disappoint my parents which is why it is burdensome for me to make decisions. 

As I welcome adulthood, life becomes more challenging for me. I am trying my best to act responsibly and enjoy the process, learning from my mistakes. In a way, the recollection has prepared me in facing this challenging life with joy and enthusiasm. It enlightened me to embrace my imperfections and be grateful to every grace God has granted me. I sincerely appreciate Bro. Blas’ teachings. His effort has not gone futile for the seed has been sowed in my life and I will cultivate it as I go on with life. I am also grateful to Sir Marlon, our Religion teacher, for organizing this important school program. Lastly, thanks to the Almighty God for this great opportunity. I now understand that in times of trouble there are people who really care. 

[The writer is a graduating senior high school of Collegio de San Francisco Xavier in Rizal, Zamboanga del Norte]