THE PARTY’S OVER (A Nun for Modern Times)

Joseph Francia, father of John Xavier Francia (JVP Batch 35) is selling copies of this book on his late ICM nun sister, Myrna (1943-2010). It’s ₱350 and all the proceeds go to the Sister Myrna Francia Memorial, Inc., a philanthropic foundation that, among other things, helps youth from financially-challenged backgrounds to gain vocational education. Please send a message to Felix Javier if you’re interested in ordering a copy!

“Perhaps no one has written about the life of a Filipina religious in the 20th and 21st centuries. This book provides insights into the life of one such Filipina, a normal party-going woman who worked in the corporate world and was wooed by suitors before she decided to join the religious life. Such a publication could break the stereotype of Filipina nuns as colorless and nondescript women in floor-length habits whose lives remain largely hidden and humdrum. In the process, it could attract 21st century Filipinas to the religious life.”
―Joseph Francia