by Shayne “Che” Bonavente, B32 JVP Naga LEO

As the country continues to grapple with the impact of the pandemic, more and more of our Kababayans struggle to make both ends meet and provide food for their families. Although this is a sad reality that we face now, there is still a silver lining –the birth of Community Pantries. This act of service is the humble response of some simple Kababayan to help fellow Filipinos who are suffering. And with its purest intent, it has spread like wildfire across the country immediately igniting again the spirit of Bayanihan.

We, as a community rooted in service and nation-building, did not turn deaf ears to the call. We did it twice already, the first was last April 28, 2021. And in our continuous effort to reach further out for our Kababayan in the fringe of society, and to be of service to our local community, JVP Naga once again participated in the ADNU’s Mobile Community Pantry last May 14, 2021, at Plaza Quezon, Naga City headed by our very own Elmer “Nono” Sto. Domingo (B12/13) Director of ADNU’s Center for Community Development. This time, with target beneficiaries, we were able to serve 200 Street sweepers of Naga City. These local beneficiaries were able to bring home a kilo of rice, some vegetables, dried fish, some fresh eggs, and bread. A Nanay beneficiary while picking the goods has said, “Hay salamaton po na maray sa indo, ta dai na ako mamroblema pa kan pagkakan mi ngunian na aldaw. Dios mabalos po. (Thank you so much to all of you, I will not have to worry for our food today. God bless.)”

Nothing beats the spirit of Bayanihan, they say. Thus, JVP Naga wouldn’t have rolled out these services successfully without the constant support of the whole JVP community. With this, we would like to sincerely express our gratitude to those who have extended their support in any possible way they could. Indeed, we are a community in dispersion.

Community Pantry Donors:

Rowena Cabungcal-Guce (B6),Amelia Alsisto Perillo (B17), Ria Arespacochaga (B17), Pia Ortiz Luis (B18/19), Carlo Hijastro (B18/19), Loraine Panopio-Almario (B20), Jay de Quiros (B21), Elaine Rodrigo Tuy (B22), Gladys Malapo (B32), Faye Monchelle Gonzalez (B32), Antoinette Maristela (B5).

We also would like to thank these ever-present volunteers who have given an hour or two of their precious time even during the University Break Day to serve at the community pantry:

Love Dorero (B21/22)
Shayne “Che” Bonavente (B32)
Leah Pacao (B14)
Angeline Estrada-Llesol (B14)
John Peter Dado (B39)
Alyza Marie Betito (B35/36)
Joemari Boletic (B35/36)
Jorge Borsong (B36)

And to all who have been with us through prayers, praying for our health and safety during the conduct of the activity especially to the rest of the JVP Naga community, our heartfelt thanks to you all. Dios man po an Magbalos sa indo gabos!