Become a monthly donor

PHP12,500* a month sends
a volunteer community organizer
to assist farmer and fisherfolk cooperatives.

*partial sponsorships starting from PHP100 are also welcome

Why Give Monthly

Every month of every year, we have volunteers working for free as teachers, community organizers, and NGO staff.

Help them help others.
Walk with them in a year of service.

How far will your giving go?

Php 12,500/month
Php 6,250/month
Php 4,500/month
Php 2,500/month
Php 1,000/month
Sends one volunteer to help a community (full sponsorship)
Half sponsorship to send one volunteer to help for a year
Trainings and seminars for one volunteer
Counseling support and performance monitoring for one volunteer
Volunteer insurance / medical emergency fund
*custom amounts are also welcome and will help defray overall costs

How it works

Automatic Monthly Donations

Your donation is automatically charged every month, and it’s simple to edit or cancel at any time. It’s doing good on autopilot.

Monthly E-mail Updates

Every month, all monthly donors get an update on what our volunteers are collectively doing with your generous support.

Letters from Volunteers

Donors giving full sponsorship will also get at least two personally written updates from the volunteers over the course of a year. Half sponsorship will get at least one personal update from the volunteer.

Become a monthly donor

Php12,500* a month provides
free staffing to an under-resourced NGO.

*partial sponsorships starting from PHP100 are also welcome