by Ms. Aimee Apolinario, JVP-B20

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines (JVP) is grateful for the support it received from Universal Robina Company (URC) last April 6, 2021, through its Senior Exports Manager, Mr. Gene Ladrido, JVP-B17. URC provided 35 cases of various food items. These were immediately distributed to the communities of the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service in Muntinlupa City and the Jesuit Mission Station in Kalookan City. Matthew Delgado and Ralph Christopher Escalera, current volunteers in Bilibid/PJPS shared these donated goods in their weekly feeding program for the inmates at the Medium and Minimum Security Compounds, while Gladys Badlon, current JVP in Kalookan, shared the blessings from URC to the youth volunteers who are tirelessly serving the various programs and services of the Jesuit Mission Station.

While JVP mainly sends volunteers to various areas in the country, it also engages in many other efforts to be of service to others. For instance, mindful of the current situation, JVP initiated a COVID-19 Information Education and Communication campaign (IEC) throughout the country and distributed sanitary kits. Moreover, JVP also distributed relief packages in Bicol and Agusan del Sur and other typhoon struck communities that did not get much help from the government and non-government organizations.

As mentioned earlier, JVP has mission partner institutions like the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service in Muntinlupa City and the Jesuit Mission Station in Kalookan City. Other legitimate cause-oriented organizations are also requesting JVP to help in their relief operation programs. Gene’s initiative to reach out is an example of how former JVP volunteers continue to support JVP programs and live out the core values of Service, Social Justice, Spirituality, Simplicity, and Solidarity.

(The writer is a member of the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Batch 20 assigned as a teacher at Xavier de Kibangay Mission
High School in Kibangay, Bukidnon. Last year, she finishes her stint as principal and currently a faculty member at Xavier School - San Juan in Metro Manila)